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Eighth Down Under Feminists Carnival

Welcome to the Eighth Down Under Feminists Carnival! I didn't think people would be posting much, what with the likelihood of one million family commitments and the lethargic heat that has descended upon some parts of Australia, but we've got a fantastic and big carnival to round out December. The Seventh Carnival was hosted by Queen of Thorns at Ideologically Impure, and the Ninth Carnival will be hosted by someone - it could be you! the Hand Mirror.

On Parenting and Motherhood and Children

lauredhel talks about the intense hatred of nurturing female bodies: Kelly Rutherford “still breastfeeding;” and presents QuizoTD, about Nestle's newest product.

Helen presents So many different things to mourn.

emma talks about creatingPearl's Book, because all the books say the best way to let children know is to tell them when they're young - but Emma couldn't find any books on the topic; Blue Milk talks about continuing the lie of childbirth with her daughter.

On Illustrations and Representations and the Media

In texts, orlando on Friday Hoyden: Katarina, aka The Shrew, the real hero of The Taming of the Shrew; while hellon reviews Naomi Wolf's Fire with Fire.

In newspaper news, Mel Campbell brings us What A Silly Murdered Lesbian!, about the sexist, homophobic crap with which the tabloids continue to get away; Fuck Politeness brings to our attention the SMH comparing Mercedes Corby to a car; and Clem Bastow presents Zoo Weekly Wants You To Have A Hand Shandy Over These Hot Murdered Models. Dee notes the difference in women's and men's sporting coverage.

Old Feminist talks about Bettie Page, who was known as a sexy pinup girl who, having become a born-again Christian, didn't then reject what she'd done.

sajbrfem presents Act 36: The New Feminine–Flickr group and tagging project, having noticed disturbing trends regarding the use of the tag 'feminine.'

Anna at the hand mirror talks about pitiful Britney, the role model. At Fuck Politeness: on Sam Brett's bullshit contradictions.

Richie presents Advent Calendar, Day -1: Operation Matriarchy, The Non-Review

Rachel Hills presents ‘Are You Popular?’: an instructional video for teens circa 1947.

And continuing, On Beauty

Fuck Politeness gives A lament of ageing/They Photoshopped Jessica Alba, noting that We listen to our lovers/male friends/coworkers and various aquaintances salivate over Jessica Alba et al and we absorb the message…you’ll never win, you’re no Jessica Alba, your body is a pisspoor substitute for the unattainable dream of The Woman Who Looks Like That. Hellon also talks about the beauty into which we're supposed to buy, in Us and Them.

Mel Campbell looks at the phenomenon of women refusing compliments (or even just the truth) in there's no prize for being the ugliest.

Rachel Hills presents Got hair extensions on the weekend, on female grooming as artifice or false advertising; and Beauty By Numbers, on the cookie-cutter ideal of beauty.

On Feminism

Queen of Thorns presents Shorter Garth George: I’m a retrograde misogynist, on Garth George's opinion column in the NZ Herald citing abortion rights and feminism as the "heart of all child abuse".

frankiesayscollapse creates a network map of feminist blogs.

Hellon, after remembering an experience on a train, reminds us that equality will not come on a silver platter; fuckpoliteness presents I didn't forget, on making noise.

Sophie talks about her uncomfortableness with the more extreme anti-man edges of feminism, and what informs that.

On the Workplace

Caitlinate links to an article and talks about it with In the Office, Women Finish Last.

The ex-expat on mothers (or not-mothers) in the workplace with Since we're on the topic of workers' rights....; and aztec-rose talks about balancing the banter around paid work and parenthood, addressing the focus on motherhood.

On Language

tigtog presents Etymology 101, addressing the common defence "I can't be a misogynist, I don't HATE women," and Hellon presents Feminist Guidebook to the World- The Blurb (We do Patriarchy to English translations!)

Things To Make You Angry

mscate brings our attention to an article that lets us know that to prevent upskirting you must hold down your skirt; whilst blue milk gives Some advice on thinking about rape/Queensland Attorney-General begs for a clue, because the Queensland A-G thinks that sometimes rape has only a minor impact.

Lauredhel writes about “Go and get yourself fixed up, Sheila.” Flibanserin and Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, or, "In other words, if your sexual desire is at a statistically low level that you’re perfectly comfortable with, and your partner yells at you and throws things because he can’t get his end off, you have a disease."

Stuff About Asian Women (or, it's my blog and I'll highlight this if I want to)

I talk about the assumption that as a Chinese woman, when you get married how you treat the world automatically changes. Hexpletive talks about sex worker media that enrages, because there's the assumption that every Asian woman is a "potential sex worker."

Some Miscellaneous (But Still Great) Stuff!

Julie discovers girlfruit, such as strawberries and grapes.

Deborah brings us a photo of strippers + sausage sizzle (a sign); and also talks about Outliers (Malcolm Gladwell's new book), privilege and gender - Gladwell talks about background, but what he means is privilege.

Hellon calls bullshit on the idea that “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Zoe Brain presents Masculine, Feminine, or <?, on the proposal to add "intersex" as a legal gender.

Rachel Hills presents The "Not Rape" epidemic and Obama's speechwriter disappoints with sexism.

And that's your lot! If you're interested in hosting the next carnival, you can check out the details and express your interest at this link.
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